Episode 84 : Kevin Marks - Knowing The Right Platforms For Your Business | JP & Associates REALTORS?

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            In this episode of Success Superstars, Kevin Marks explains his path to success with JP and Associates REALTORS?.

            Kevin talks about the importance of testing the right platforms for his business, training and prospecting in his first year of Real Estate. Kevin has doubled what most agents achieve in their first year at JPAR and he achieved so by seeking out a mentor right from the get-go!

            Mailouts and business cards make up almost 25% of his business, which Kevin works hard at, every single day. He also adds that having a tracker and staying organized and on schedule is the key factor in staying successful in business long-term.

            “For anyone starting, I’d say take advantage of the mentor program, make the meetings and do as they say. Recognize that you don’t know a lot about the business and apply it (the learnings).” – Kevin Marks, JP and Associates REALTORS?

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