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            I’m SO Busy!?

            I’m SO Busy!?

            Have you ever told yourself, “I don’t have enough time to do that?” Or “I’m so busy!?” When out of time or overwhelmed, it often can mean, “I don’t know what’s important right now.” Can you relate? If so, this article is for you.?

            I recently ran across a fantastic author, Amber Rae. What I like about Amber is she is not a therapist, a neuroscientist, or even a life coach. She is a woman who is obsessed with the human condition, with what our emotions are trying to tell us, and how you and I can express the fullness of our gifts. Her book, Wonder Over Worry”?is an official invitation to face our fears and create a life that reflects who you are.?

            I’m SO busy! Here are a few questions to ask yourself intended to align your behavior with your ambition and goals better.

            • What is my #1 priority right now??
              • Are my behaviors consistent with my priorities? For example,
                • Is there anywhere I’m saying “yes” right now when I need to say “no”?
                • Is there anywhere I’m saying “yes” to that is not serving me or my goals at this time??
            • How much of my time and energy is devoted to things that feel like a burden?
                • Can I make them feel less of a burden?
                • Can I delegate or do less of these activities??
            • In terms of where you are investing your time write now, what brings you the most fulfillment and joy??
              • How can you do more of that?? ?

            “Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. ”??~ Coco Chanel

            “I’m so busy” — three little words many of us use all the time?as a way to decline invitations. Think about it, and it makes sense, though: Time is the most precious commodity because unlike money, we can’t make more of it.

            But guess what? Everyone is busy, so while you might think the message you’re sending with “I’m so busy” is, “I’m slammed,” what the other person hears is,

            “What I’m working on is more important than you!”

            Wow – is that the message you want to send to others? Stop saying ‘I’m so busy.’ Harvard researchers say this is what successful people do instead:

            Take a rain check.

            Let the other person know what you have going on. Telling others what you’ve been doing (even if it’s unrelated to work – for me like preparing for a Spartan Race) also allows them to get to know you better. In turn, the other person is invited to share updates of their own, which can help to establish rapport.?

            Be honest and lend a hand.

            Showing complete honesty and sincerity can boost the relationship. Depending on what the invitation is, here are a couple of examples:

            • ?“I can’t make it to the brainstorming meeting because I have a few deadlines to meet. I’m not finished and to be honest, I’m a bit overwhelmed. Would it be helpful if I send my ideas tomorrow morning?”?
            • ?“I can’t make it to your networking event next week because I have dinner plans that night. I’ve rescheduled it twice already, and I’d hate to do it again. But I know a few colleagues who would love to attend your event. Can I extend the invitation?”

            The key is to show that you trust the other person enough, to be honest and that you care enough to offer support.

            Be honest about your condition?

            In a study from Harvard, participants found two valid excuses that resonated with others:

            • I don’t have the money right now for that activity… with some context.?
            • I don’t have the energy right now for that activity… with some context.??

            The significance of the Harvard study?is that it provides valuable insight into how we can be more protective of our time without making others question how much we value the relationship.?

            Rule the day or the day rules you!?


            Unproductive Busyness, Bad For You!

            Unproductive Busyness, Bad For You!

            Unproductive busyness, bad for you… bad for your business.

            Parkinson’s law:

            Work increases to fill the time available.

            Pareto (80/20):

            Extra time fills with unimportant activities.

            The solution?

            Ask yourself – How would you get your work done tomorrow if:

            You only had 2 hours per day to complete it?

            You only had 2 hours per week to complete it?

            Then, write down only 2 mission critical items and test by asking:

            Would I be satisfied with my day if only that happened?

            What are the consequences if they don’t?

            Complete those tasks by 11 AM the next day.

            Don’t multitask.


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